• In this project I was the Team Lead, managing the delivery and development of the product. Started as a stand-alone project, it then grew to a small team of developers in its final stages. This product was released in the market with an outstanding response. The loyalty platform was built with an email notification service, a transactions system, an authentication system, an onboarding UX, AB Testing and the integration of analytics tools.

  • This project was focused to solve the need to create thousands of customizable Landing Pages. Built dynamic landing pages to cover that need with cross-browser compatibility and by using interactive components to improve retention and conversion.

  • This landing page is the result of a partnership with Gener8. After the installation of the extension, the User can subscribe directly to the competition.

  • Labo v.1.1.1 is an experiment to test how heavily the browser extensions might affect the User experience by slowing down the navigation. It simulates the navigation of a list of websites and calculates the performance metrics. The tests are customizable and repeatable at the discretion of the developer.