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Marco Gattello

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My portfolio is a collection of projects, experiments and technical prototypes done in the past years.


Oct 21
8th LightSenior Software Engineer
Jan 20
Global Savings GroupDeveloper Engineer
Jul 19
EdelmanData Developer (contract)
Jan 18
Web DeveloperFreelancer
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About me

I'm a Software Engineer with a background in Sales and a 5-year studies in Business, Finance & Marketing. My strong passion in Technology drives me to keep learning and developing new skills to not only help me solve problems but also to identify new opportunities. That's why I like to describe myself as an Entrepreneur and a Pioneer who experiments, writes articles, reads technical books and listens to podcasts in his spare time. Together with that, I've spent the past 6 years working on successful projects with medium and large companies and startups in a multitude of industries as a Project Manager, Consultant and Software Engineer.
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